Program Overview

The City of Kingston Arts Fund (CKAF), established in 2007, provides grants to local arts organizations and projects to foster creativity at all levels and enrich how Kingston residents experience and engage with the arts. In 2021, funding for the CKAF annual Operating and Project grant streams was approved by Kingston City Council, as well as additional one-time COVID-19 pandemic relief funding to support artists and arts organizations. The additional funding, which totals $200,000 will support two new funding programs: Resiliency grants and Adapt grants. Learn more on the City of Kingston Arts Fund page.


City of Kingston Arts Fund: Adapt 

Adapt grants support projects that address pandemic-related challenges through new ways of working. These projects include creating, presenting, or adapting artistic work, building partnerships, and creating innovative solutions for community needs. The total funding available in this program is $100,000. Individuals, collectives, ad-hoc groups, and non-profit arts organizations are eligible to apply. Applications will be evaluated and grants will be awarded by a jury of artists and arts professionals.



Eligible applications will be evaluated by a jury composed of professional artists and arts professionals, who will determine which applicants receive funding and the amount of each grant. The KAC Board of Directors will review the jury’s recommendations to ensure compliance with program objectives and evaluation criteria. Grants will be a minimum of $4,000 and a maximum of $10,000. There is $100,000 available in this program.