The City of Kingston Arts Fund (CKAF) provides grants to local arts organizations and projects to foster creativity at all levels and enrich how Kingston residents experience and engage with the arts. Since its inception in 2007, CKAF has provided a mechanism for the City to invest in the arts and arts organizations with more than $500,000 committed annually to support a combination of both operational and project funding. CKAF’s objectives are to nurture the capacity of the arts, artists, and arts sector in Kingston while fostering creativity, encouraging social cohesion, enhancing quality of life, and stimulating economic development through direct investment. Click here to read more about CKAF’s objectives. Through CKAF, arts organizations, project, and collectives have been able to develop programming, arts activities, partnerships, collaborations and initiatives that encourage arts engagement, learning opportunities, and participation with audiences across the city.

CKAF is administered by the Kingston Arts Council (KAC) to ensure that the Fund supports and nurtures the capacity of Kingston’s artists and the arts sector. While CKAF is administered by the KAC, the applications are reviewed using a peer assessment process that engages stakeholders from across Kingston as jury members. Jury members are themselves representative of the arts, arts professionals, and practitioners in the City of Kingston and are selected for their knowledge of the arts, high standing within the arts community, awareness of the City of Kingston context and the broader arts environment and, where possible, are reflective of the gender, demographic and cultural diversity of Kingston itself.

CKAF is comprised of two funding categories, Operating Grants and Project Grants. Approximately 70% of CKAF is allocated to Operating Grants and 30% is allocated to Project Grants each year. All CKAF applicants must strive to offer services that respect the independence, dignity, integration and equal opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities.

More information on CKAF, including important documents, reporting requirements, the program’s history, jury interest forms, and past recipients can be found here.