UNIT 115 Community Arts Space

Current Exhibition: February 2019

Rhian Jansen, With the Grain

Seated woman in front of a barn door; various home goods, and handmade pieces of furniture are in the background

With The Grain is a collection I was inspired to create using repurposed wood and materials with the focus being on the natural beauty and characteristics of the wood itself because there is beauty everywhere, sometimes you just have to look beyond the grain. My artistic vision with this collection and all of my work is to inspire people to inspire people to develop sustainable habits in their daily lives to ultimately waste less.

Upcoming Exhibition: March 2019

Yael Schechter LaFleur, Images of Being. The Intensity of Being Young

Yael Schechter LaFleur grew up in a rural agricultural community in Israel. She is a danishisraeli of gypsy and swede heritage. She traveled extensively residing among other places in Europe, USA, Japan and the Pacific Islands.

Between 1991-2000 she worked as an artist’s model. She has collaborated with photographers, choreographers, painters, filmmakers and art installation projects, spending considerable time absorbing art as she sat for artists, studios, art schools and workshops.

These five pieces are presented together as part of a project themed around childhood and growing up. Each of these paintings owes something to books, biography or poetry.

About UNIT 115

UNIT 115 is a free, inclusive and flexible exhibition space in the Kingston Arts Council office. As an alternative exhibition venue in Kingston, UNIT 115 is intended to showcase and celebrate local artists and encourage connection between artists and the local community. Applications for this space are open to artists (professional, emerging, student, etc.), arts and culture organizations, and community organizations working in different sectors. UNIT 115 has approximately 25 ft. of wall space, including a four-pane window, and 124 ft. of floor space.

Eligibility: Applicants must have a Kingston, Ontario address. Single, group and collective applications will be accepted; umbrella organizations (incorporated or not) are encouraged to submit. The KAC reserves the right to select or refuse any submitted artwork.

Deadline: 1 February 2019

Selection Process: The selection committee will comprise of Kingston Arts Council staff who will determine the exhibition schedule. Please note that the gallery will be booked approximately 6-9 months in advance. Therefore artists must be available to exhibit anytime during the 6-month period. Any proposals received after the submission date will be held until the following submission deadline.

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