Placeholders' charity: water Fundraiser Featuring Odette

March 9, 2019 - 9:00 pm

This Placeholders concert will be in partnership with charity: water, supported by the St. Lawrence College Advertising and Marketing Program on Saturday, March 9th. For every ticket sold $1 will go towards the fundraising campaign that SLCAMC has generously taken on. The donation portion will increase as we sell more tickets. As well, there will be an opportunity to make a personal donation and receive more information on charity: water. We are extremely excited to have Odette join us on this night, featuring the incredibly talented Paige and Michelle Kasaboski. This will be a night of funk/soul/country/pop/R&B. Tickets are $10 and only available at the door with a 9:00 pm start.

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Contact Information – Nicolas Pacheco,

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