Freestyle & Popping Workshop

May 4, 2019 - 10:00 am

The Juvenis Festival presents: Freestyle & Popping Workshop

Facilitated by Jefferson Chuong

Date: Saturday May 4th




Rotunda Theatre, Queen’s University, Kingston Ontario

Workshop Description

Beginner Workshop in the Popping street dance founded by Boogaloo Sam, the exploration of movement, and freestyling. This class will have you leaving the studio sweating and smiling. All levels welcome!!

Requirements/Materials Needed

Please be prepared to dance! it is recommended and strongly advised that participants where closed toe sneakers and bring water with them.

Jefferson Chuong

The name “Artcher” reflects the human experience for what it is—a first, next, and last shot. Jefferson began community-building as a youth leader for the YMCA Teen Night program and Leadership Council in Brampton, ON. In 2012, he was trained by The Moon Runners and met his mentor Freakwen-C. In 2015, he took on the role of instructor and mentor to Kingston street dancers through the KinetiQ Breakdancing Crew. This year, along with his partner, Holly Rose Lorenzon, he co-founded Kingston Freestyle Dance in a strategic effort to preserve street dance culture and tradition, deconstruct age and gender gaps, and build a bridge for Kingston between Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.Renowned for uniting the genuine and absurd—the comedic but romantic, the bitter but sweet—Artcher is a vessel for the Sino-Vietnamese-Canadian and mortal experience. He speaks through the languages of movement and prose to find his place in the world, and inspires others to be honest, and just be.


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