Cast & Crew Evening: Midsummer Celebration

May 22, 2019 - 6:30 pm

Want to be a part of the crew that helps create Calliope’s Community Gathering on Midsummer’s Eve?

Please join us on May 22 for a cast and crew evening!

We’ll share our plans for the longest day of the year, get to know others in our community dedicated to celebrating the land through gratitude, and we’ll cast folks in roles for a brand new performance at our Midsummer’s Eve Celebration on June 20!

We’ve got a set of brand new characters, and some previous favourites, as well as a handful of positions for those wanting to be behind the scenes with set, production, makeup and costuming!

We’ll be announcing our workshops for this Solstice Celebration soon — those who volunteer for the show receive complimentary admission to those workshops. If you want to be behind the scenes (some positions come with a small honorarium), make sure to chat with us about how to become more involved at the Cast and Crew Evening.