Community Drum Circle with Ollin

September 29, 2019 - 10:00 am

Yessica Rivera Belsham is the founder and heart of, an organization which promotes growth within individuals, families, and communities in a compassionate and embracing manner with workshops, events, festivals, services and more which are all fostered in inclusion, diversity, and equity within the Kingston and Ottawa area. The common thread of all our events are focused on caring for Mother Earth, Celebrating Life, Honouring our Ancestors and loved ones that have passed, holistic health, and embracing cultural diversity.

A variety of friends and family make up the Team depending on the festival, event, initiative. Our key collaborator is the wonderful Theo Paradis. Together Yessica and Theo collaborate with indigenous drumming and singing across Turtle Island, as well and grow the message of bringing together all people from all directions of the world, in community with compassion and care. Learn more at

This event is free and will be accepting optional pay-what-you-may donations for admission.