Kingston School of Arts Classes and Workshops – Fall 2019

November 28, 2019 - 1:20 pm

Starting the week of September 16th!

Adult art classes ( that include:

  1. “Anyone Can Paint & I’ll Prove It”
  2. “Anyone Can Draw & I’ll Prove It”
  3. Life Drawing, Developing Your Oil, Acrylic or Pastel Painting, Watercolour painting
  4. Acrylic and Mixed Media Abstract Painting
  5. Plein Air Inside and Out
  6. Printmaking Open Studio

Adult Workshops (

  1. Painted Fabric/Textiles-Colour and Pattern Workshop
  2. Alla Prima Portrait Workshop
  3. Art You Can Walk On-Painted Floor Cloths Workshop
  4. Working with Alcohol Inks Workshop

Children & Teen Art Classes (–teens-classes.html)

  1. Rock Painting
  2. Drawing, Mixed Media, Acrylic Painting for Children, Juniors and Teens

Community Art Studio (

Other related art events:

PA Day workshops (

Paint the Town ( and

Related Art Events in the Windows Art Gallery (