Level Earth

December 24, 2019 - 11:00 am

Level Earth

Featuring Samuel DeCoste, Sebastien Duff-Mailloux, Breanna Gordon, Emma Loiselle, Elise Ngo, and Meghan Noonan

November 22, 2019 to January 17, 2019

Opening reception: November 22, 2019 5-7pm


The proposition of the Anthropocene centres the human and human activity as the definitive force in the earth’s geology and ecosystems.

Level Earth is a selection of drawings, sculpture, paintings and photographs by students artists from Queen’s University who respond to the main animating questions of the exhibtion: How might the interplay of nature, pollution and architecture shape our lived environment? In what ways are we implicated in the crisis we find ourselves in?

Breanna Gordon, Ignorance, oil on canvas, 2019

About the Artists:

Samuel DeCoste is a fifth year Physics student at Queen’s University who grew up in Bathurst, New Brunswick. As a child, he was always surrounded by art and enjoyed drawing and building things. His affinity for art dissipated in his teenage years. While at Queen’s, Samuel discovered abstract art in a new light and learned to appreciate art not by the subject, but by the elements of the piece. He fell in love with the idea of abstraction and has been drawing ever since. Despite trying various media, Samuel always finds himself returning to pens. He currently draws every day and enjoys sharing his work with others.

Sebastien Duff-Mailloux is a fourth year Economics student at Queen’s University. He has been pursuing photography since the age of sixteen. His work is largely informed by street photography and documentary photography. His photographs have been featured in Ultraviolet Magazine’s issues 21-23 and the 2019 edition of the Undergraduate Review (vol. 31), notably the back cover of Ultraviolet’s issue 23 and the front cover of Undergraduate Review’s issue 31.

Breanna Gordon is in her fourth year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Queen’s University. She specializes in figurative oil painteing, and looks to the Renaissance and Baroque periods for inspiration. By exploring elements of surrealism in her work, she creates a transcendental experience for her viewers.

Emma Loiselle is a young female artist based in Kingston, Ontario where she is currently studying at Queen’s University in her third year of her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art). Emma experiments with media such as acrylic, oil painting, and printmaking with the subject matter being primarily focused on figurative and portraiture work. Her works commonly display a mix of realism and impressionism, with a strong desire for experimentation emerging as her practice matures.

Elise Ngo is in her third year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Queen’ University. Her artistic practise encompasses explorations in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation. She has previously exhibited in Toronto with Lucid Dream Collective at OCAD, as well as in Kingston with the Queen’s Faculty of Education’s Juried Art Exhibition. Ngo is also a student of the Concerrent Education program at Queen’s University and is working towards a career which combines her enthusiasm for both arts and education.

Meghan Noonan is a student of the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University, and previously graduated from McMaster University with her BA in Anthropology and Applied Behavioural Analysis. Meghan describes herself as an intuitive, self-taught artist whose main style of painting is abstract expressionism. Her interest in painting was sparked during her second year of university, where the process of creative painting provided her with the spce to practice healing and self-love as her worldview began to shift. For Meghan, creating represents a passage for her to enter the now, connect with her deepest emotions, and let them flow. Her goal as an artist is to create pieces that promote the importance of engaging with vulnerability, creativity, and acceptance.

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