Lorna Crozier Book Launch: The House the Spirit Builds

September 27, 2019 - 4:00 pm

As part of this year’s Culture Days Kingston, Kingston Writersfest presents the book launch event for author Lorna Crozier’s new poetry collection, The House the Spirit Builds.

One of eighteen biosphere reserves in Canada, the Frontenac Arch stands at the junction of the Canadian Shield and the St. Lawrence Valley and features some of Central Canada’s most characteristic landscapes as well as some of its most revered cultural heritage, all sensitively evoked by Lorna Crozier’s poetry and the photographs of Peter Coffman and Diane Laundy.

The House the Spirit Builds explores human-crafted and natural landscapes from a variety of angles. An image of a slice of light falling across a tablecloth, three oranges in a red bowl, a black beetle on a leaf: poems that speak of moments “when the dragonfly lands and grips the skin / on the back of your hand” or “rain stops falling / but / hangs around / like the shape of lust / in bedsheets” – the impressions and expression vary, but all are informed by sense of place and aim to take understanding to a more visceral plane.

This event is free.