Pansee Atta, Stephanie Vegh, Florence Yee: Encyclopedias

October 9, 2019 - 12:00 pm

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre is pleased to present a group exhibition in the Main Gallery with works by Pansee Atta, Stephanie Vegh, and Florence Yee. The exhibition will run from September 3 to October 12, 2019.

Encyclopedias brings together works by Pansee Atta, Stephanie Vegh, and Florence Yee that interrogate established repositories of knowledge. Through montage, collage, reproduction, drawing, and writing, the artists in this exhibition stage material interventions into artifacts, encyclopedias, and textbooks. Atta, in the video Earthenware, examines colonization and collection, ‘High Art’ and ‘craft’, objects and the places in which they are produced. Vegh, in the installation A World Without Watergate, makes incisions in encyclopedias to reveal an inescapable circularity in history when viewed from today’s perspective. Yee, in the charcoal drawing series A History of Canadian Art History, scrutinizes the role of art publications in developing canons, as well as the marked absence and selective presence of women, Indigenous Peoples, and people of colour therein. Collectively, the works in this exhibition move beyond the putative objectivity of “encyclopedias” to ask how our understandings of cultures and histories are learned and how they might be critically unlearned.

Entrance to the exhibition is free.  Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre is located on the top floor of the Tett Centre. We are open noon – 5PM on Tuesdays, noon to 8PM on Wednesdays, and noon – 5PM Thursday – Saturday.

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