Peggy's Song

January 26, 2020 - 12:00 am

Theatre Kingston presents  PEGGY’S SONG  By Jim Garrard , Directed by Jacob James Baby Grand Theatre, JAN 23 – FEB 9 2020

Theatre Kingston is thrilled to bring you PEGGY’s SONG, by celebrated Kingston Playwright Jim Garrard. Lisa Howard and Conrad Dunn are coming to Kingston from Los Angeles to present Jim Garrard’s gripping mystery. In Los Angeles they presented it to critical acclaim, and so are eager to revisit the script under Jacob James’ redirection and having Jim Garrard present to rework the script, breathing new life into his very popular play.

“It’s really, really excellent.  Funny, alarming, familiar, unsettling, poignant and brilliantly and believably performed.”
-Noho Arts District

When Peggy’s devoted husband dies in a plane crash and he isn’t where he is supposed to be, or who he is supposed to be with, this causes her to rethink her entire 30 year marriage. She thought they were happy, were they?


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