Show & Tell: The Art of Story Telling

June 15, 2019 - 1:00 pm
Picture this: “Authors” paired up with “Illustrators.” The author will tell their own personal story – a defining moment in their life, big obstacle they’ve overcome, adventurous journey, etc. Then, they will share their story with an artist, who will create artwork based on the author’s story. At the event, the author will tell guests their story with the artwork on an easel beside them. The guest will then be able to have a discussion with the author and illustrator.
Proceeds going towards the Kingston MRKH Conference and the Kingston School of Art.
It’ll be an awesome community bonding experience and a truly inspiring day! We hope this fundraiser will not only raise funds for worthy causes, but also connect individuals in the community.
– Art Exhibit
– Story telling
– Door Prizes
– Show & Tell Anthology Book launch
Brave Soul Lacelets for sale
– Lemonade & Baked Goods
– Best of Both Worlds
– 1 in 5000: Womanhood Without a Womb
– Embracing Plan B
– Deaf
– Stronger From the Inside and Out
– Differences Create Beauty
– From Moped to Porsche
Tickets: $20
Purchase Online:
Half of the proceeds will be going towards the Kingston School of Art: a non-profit charitable organization formed in 1994. Governed by a community based volunteer Board of Directors, the School is supported by fundraising, student fees, donations and grants. People involved in the School recognize the importance of art and believe that affordable fine arts programming should be available to the Kingston community.
And the other half is going towards the Kingston MRKH Conference, which is a medical meet-up organized for the first time last year in support of, and to educate, women born with MRKH Syndrome as well as medical professionals. MRKH Syndrome affects 1 in 5000 women and is a congenital disorder classified by the absence or underdevelopment of the uterus and vagina. Some of the other symptoms include missing kidneys, skeletal problems and hearing loss, though these ones vary case to case. There aren’t many doctors who know about MRKH, which makes diagnosis and care frustrating for many MRKH Women.