Sound Experience with Salil Subedi and Yessica Rivera Belsham

November 17, 2019 - 2:00 pm

Immersive Singing Bowls, Voice, and Drums.

This event is by donation.

This event is a fundraiser for the Nepal Telescope Project and Canadian Mental Health Association Kingston.

Thanks to the amazing support from Chalmers United Church and PeaceQuest.

Salil Subedi’s “Heavens and Earth” fundraising concerts across Canada are in support of his latest educational project “Heavens and Earth – The Nepal Telescope Project.” It brings artists and scientists to rural school children around Nepal for star-gazing, story-telling, and the sharing of indigenous knowledge and science.

Salil’s practice is steeped in creative expression, philosophy, story-telling and collective empowerment. He uses music and art to express the mystery and beauty of life, to educate on conservation, and to develop skills among children and youth, especially in rural communities. He is an expert on traditional Nepali singing bowls and Eastern spirituality, Salil reaches something at the core of each audience member.

Yessica incorporates her traditional and intuitive medicine songs fused with songs in Nahuatl, an indigenous language of Mexico along with the use of Quartz crystal singing bowl, indigenouus flute and a variety of instruments such as the Rav Vast drum, ocean drum, thunder drum, rain sticks, and prehispanic instruments with colour and water effect lighting in the room.

The wide collection of quartz crystal singing bowls are vibrational transmitters that carry the vibrations into our cellular knowing. Through the raised vibration of voice, percussion, and the singing bowls, participants’ minds and bodies receive a cellular massage as our bodies are mainly made up of water. Water is life. By gathering to honour water, people are strengthening to create healing for our waters and thus healing for all of life.

During this session, event will begin with a smudge of copal from México, then shared knowledge from Salil and Yessica.

Participants may laydown on yoga mats or sit in chairs. Self-guided yoga poses of experienced yogis is welcome.

Participants in the past have expressed experience of a deeper state of relaxation, consciousness and the ability to connect and awaken different parts of self.

This session is judgment free zone, body positive environment, and open to all.

Location is wheelchair accessible.

Part of the Salil Subedi 2019 Canadian Tour  – learn more at


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