What's Left Behind

May 24, 2019 - 5:00 pm

We consider the earth our home. We live on the land and consume its natural resources, yet we are also composed of the same basic elements as the lifeforms that nourish us. Not only do we live in the world, but we shape it. The works in this exhibition draw attention to the naturally occurring elements in our environments, within our own bodies and the complex interactions that we form with them. Together the artists create a microcosm of humanity’s symbiotic relationship with nature, from the global to the individual. They acknowledge the close and sometimes tense relationship between humans, their environment, and their organic selves. What’s Left Behind explores the intimate connections formed between humans and nature as we negotiate our place within the world.

What’s Left Behind is curated by Tessa Wilson and includes work by artists Dominika Dembinski, Melissa Reid, and Alyssa Scott.