ArtsVote: Survey Results

Advocacy is an important part of what the Kingston Arts Council does. We believe that the arts are a critical part of a vital and sustainable community.

As Kingston's municipal election approaches, we invited all candidates to respond to a survey looking at their levels of engagement with and their commitment to the arts.

We hope these survey results will help inform the questions you will ask as you engage with your candidates for city council and for mayor.


*completed surveys are listed in order of completion


Mayor                                                        Countryside District #1

Scott Foster                                               Richard Allen

Rick Downes                                             Joyce MacLeod-Kane No Survey Submitted

Bryan Paterson                                         Jeff Scott No Survey Submitted

Brenda Slomka                                         George Sutherland No Survey Submitted

Dorothy Hector

Michael Mo J Owen


Loyalist-Cataraqui District # 2                         Collins-Bayridge District #3

Kevin George No Survey Submitted                Lisa Osanic

James Sayeau No Survey Submitted               Leo Ragusa No Survey Submitted


Lakeside District #4                                           Portsmouth District #5

Wayne Owens                                                     Liz Schell

Roger Healey                                                      Maureen Good

Laura Turner                                                       Alexander Young No Survey Submitted

Joan Jardin


Trillium District #6                                            Kingscourt- Rideau District #7

Robert Matheson                                               Tom Gingrich

Kevin Dressler                                                    Kevin Holland No Survey Submitted

Adam Candon                                                     Mary Rita Holland

Floyd Patterson No Survey Submitted             Gordon Mathews No Survey Submitted


Meadowbrook-Strathcona District #8             Williamsville District #9

Jeff Mclaren                                                          Jim Neil 

Sandy Berg                                                            Ed Smith

Tommy Vallier


Sydenham District #10                                       King's Town District #11

Adam Koven                                                         Lindsey Foster

Bonnie Ferguson No Survey Submitted             Rob Hutchison

Peter Stroud                                                          Ryan Low

TK Pritchard                                                          Jordan West

                                                                                Sean Murphy No Survey Submitted 

Pittsburgh District #12                                       

Ryan Boehme     

Karen Pagratis    

Carsten Sorensen No Survey Submitted 

Ruth Wannemacher No Survey Submitted 


*completed surveys are listed in order of completion


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