Community Songbook

In collaboration with several Kingston community groups and local professional musicians, The Skeleton Park Arts Festival is creating a community songbook. The songbook will feature a wide variety of well known folk songs and songs written locally, in an attempt to reflect the rich diversity of the Kingston community. The community songbook will then be distributed throughout the community, as needed. The songbook will help encourage Kingstonians to share music together and learn to sing each other’s songs.

Megan Hamilton and the Kingston Community Midwives & Friends
Performing “When You Are Born”


PS I Love You and The Sleepless Goat Choir
Performing “Facelove”

David Francey with Open Voices/Ernestown Secondary/National Farmers Union
Performing “Torn Screen Door”

“Torn Screen Door” Notation

Skeleton Park Community Songbook On CBC’S Ontario Morning!
Wildering and the QECVI Arts Focus Program
Performing “Kallesnik”

“Kallesnik” Notation

Shane Dunn with The Irish Folk Club
Performing “I’ll Tell Me Ma”

“I’ll Tell Me Ma” Notation


The Swamp Ward Orchestra and Rideau Public School
Performing “Je Fais La Difficile (trad. Quebec)”
Jenny Whiteley & Joey Wright with Lovin’ Spoonful and the Sunnyside Community Garden
Performing “Hallelujah Haircut”"
Unconscious Encore with ReelOut Queer Film Festival
Performing “Are We There Yet?”

The Gertrudes with Kingston Culture Days
Performing “King’s Town”

Lyrics and Chord Sheet For “King’s Town” by The Gertrudes
Kyra And Tully with The Grand Theatre
Performing “Love In All These Things”
Rueben Degroot with the Queens University Grad Club
Performing “Little Red Mixer”
Chris Brown with The Pittsburgh Institution Choir
Performing “Oblivion”

The Greater Kingston area is home to 7 prisons. Every local has a connection to them. In a speech at The Grand Theatre years ago, Jean Vanier spoke on how the prison walls were to keep us out as much as to keep inmates in. We are ignorant of the living conditions, economy and challenges of a great many of our citizens; inmates, employees and volunteers alike.

Inmates gave their time anonomously and freely to donate this track to the Community Songbook. This track was recorded inside the prison, in 3 sessions, with participants working on arrangements and actually writing additional lyrics between recordings:( the ‘response lines’ you hear in the verses). All singing, arrangement and playing is theirs, with the exception of myself organ and Elijah Abrams on bass. Since this recording. the guys have been working on originals and arrangements of songs by local musicians. They are creating tracks to donate to the foodbank and Joe’s M.I.L.L.

Sheesham And Lotus with The CFB Vimy Band
Performing “Up The Wooden Hills”




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