The Kingston Arts Council reached out to all 44 municipal candidates in September 2022 about their positions on arts and culture to help prepare our community for the election in October 2022.

You can find the responses of 37 candidates below. Find out where your Councillor stands and stay informed. Kingston City Council directly impacts art and culture through funding and policy decisions. Read more about what art does for our community. You can find Kingston Art Council’s full statement here:
Kingston Arts Council Statement of Position


Does your candidate support the arts? 

Click on the following candidates to view their responses.

Mayor Candidates

Bryan Paterson
Tina Fraser
Skyler McArthur-O'Blenes
Ivan Stoiljkovic

District 1 Countryside

Gary Oosterhof

District 2 Loyalist-Cataraqui

Paul Chaves
Jacqui Collier

District 3 Collins-Bayridge

Lisa Osanic
Joel Thompson

District 4 Lakeside

Wayne Hill
Wendy Stephen

District 5 Portsmouth

Don Amos
Nicole Florent
Colleen Murphy
Zachary Typhair
Sebastian Vaillancourt

District 6 Trillium

Jimmy Hassan
Rob Matheson
Hanny Philip

District 7 Kingscourt-Rideau

Tom Gingrich
Michael Judd
Darryl McIntosh
Brandon Tozzo
Keaton Zandbergen

District 8 Meadowbrook-Strathcona

Jeff McLaren
Michael Murphy

District 9 Williamsville

Annette Burfoot
Vincent Cinanni
Ian Clark

District 10 Sydenham

Conny Glenn
Rami Maassarani 
Peter Stroud

District 11 King's Town

Keith Bilow
Alexandria Liu
Gregory Ridge

District 12 Pittsburgh

Ryan Boehme
Lindsay Duggan