YGK Arts Project

The YGK Arts Project recognizes, celebrates, and profiles artists and individuals working in the arts in Kingston. The database is housed on the KAC Instagram page @kingstonartscouncil and website. The Project aims to demonstrate the broad spectrum of artists, arts organizations and supporters that are currently shaping our arts community and facilitate new connections.

If you're interested in being featured in the YGK Arts Project, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Jay Middaugh
Kemi King
Suleimy Rios Aguilar
Sadiqa de Meijer
Kingston Stilters
ForWorld Studios
Sarah Howard
William Carroll
Sasha French
Jung-Ah Kim
Sadaf Amini
Kayla MacLean
Melanie Gray
Chaka Chikodzi
Helen Baker
Don Maynard