Program Overview

The City of Kingston Arts Fund (CKAF), established in 2007, provides grants to local arts organizations and projects to foster creativity at all levels and enrich how Kingston residents experience and engage with the arts. In 2021, funding for the CKAF annual Operating and Project grant streams was approved by Kingston City Council, as well as additional one-time COVID-19 pandemic relief funding to support artists and arts organizations. The additional funding, which totals $200,000, will support two new funding programs: Resiliency grants and Adapt grants.

Learn more on the City of Kingston Arts Fund page.


City of Kingston Arts Fund: Resiliency

Resiliency grants supported individual professional artists based in Kingston to continue to work and work safely in their artistic practice. The total funding available in this stream was $100,000 and each recipient was issued a set grant amount of $1,000. Individual professional artists of any discipline were eligible to apply. There were two intake periods in this grant program in April and June 2021. 

Applications were reviewed by KAC staff against an eligibility checklist and eligible applicants were approved for funding on a first-come, first-served basis in each intake period.

The application deadline has passed and this program is now closed.

There will be no Resiliency application deadline in 2022.


Application Process

Applicants to the Resiliency program were required to be professional artists aged 18 or older, Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and residents of the City of Kingston. A professional artist has developed skills through training and/or practice and is recognized as such by artists working in the same artistic traditions; has a history of public presentation or publications; seeks payment for their work; and actively practices their art. 

Eligible applicants were approved for funding on a first-come, first-served basis in each intake period. The KAC approved the maximum number of eligible applicants with the funds available in each intake period. Applicants who did not receive funding in one intake period were encouraged to apply again. 

Eligible expenses included: 

  • Continuing education course fees (non-credit programs);
  • Technology costs (website development, software, etc.);
  • Artist fees related to the adaptation or completion of work that began before the submission deadline; 
  • Marketing and documentation; 
  • Travel;
  • Costs related to accessibility for Deaf artists and audiences and/or artists and audiences with disabilities; 
  • Per diems, childcare expenses; and/or 
  • Rental of equipment or space. 

Artists were able to select more than one eligible expense in their application.



Grant recipients are required to answer a brief survey on the impact of the funds. Surveys were sent and received by email approximately four months after the grant deadline. 

Resiliency Grant Recipients

One hundred artists were funded through the Resiliency Grants. They each received $1,000, bringing the total funding invested in the community to $100,000. The Resiliency Grant recipients represent a wide range of artistic disciplines, including dance, visual arts, sculpture, tattoo, theatre, circus arts and music.

Adele Webster
Al Babcock
Barbara Laing
Benjamin Nelson
Bethany Garner
Bon Evans
Boris Baker
Braden Elliott
Cameron Nelles
Cameron Roach
Carina Magazzeni
Carla Stewart
Caroline Kwok
Carrick McAllister
Chantal Rousseau
Chantal Thompson
Christine Jamieson
Christopher Dorsch
Clelia Scala
Connor McDonald
Craig Berggold
Dakotah Cress
Dave Gordon
David Parker
Diane Black
Don Maynard
Eric Liu
Erika Lamon
Erika Olson
Floriana Ehninger-Cuervo
Francisco Corbett
Gary Rasberry
GHY Cheung
Hayden Maynard

Helen Baker
Helen Humphreys
Helena Hannibal
James Puckalo (Tyffanie Morgan)
James Wannamaker
Jane Kirby
Jennifer Shoniker
Joanne Gervais
Jocelyn Purdie
John Corrigan
John Rose
John Torres
John Wright
Jon McLurg
Jonas Lewis-Anthony
Jordan Webster

Julie Mylks
Kate Yüksel
Kay Kenney
Kelsey Dawn Pearson
Kirsteen MacLeod
Kirti Singla
Kody Paul
Kyla Carmody
Laura Dyer
Liam Neale
Linda Fraser
Lori Parish
Lucanus Pell
Luke Garrison
Margaret Sutherland
Mariah Horner*
Max Nolet

Megan Hamilton
Melanie Dugan
Melanie Gordon
Michael C. Duguay
Michelle Reid
Moira Demorest
Nancy Douglas
Nathaniel Stroud
Nicolas Fleming
Nick Korneluk
Noah Scheinman
Pedro Bazan
Pengyuan Wang
Peter Luft
Rae Corcoran
Rhonda Evans
Ricky Brant
Sadaf Amini
Sadiqa de Meijer
Sasha Hill
Scott Owen
Sean Tomalty
Simon Lewis
Steve Heighton

Steven Abrokwah
Tammy Shane
Ted Evans

Theresa Upton
Todd Minicola

Tom Savage
Tonu Karl Tombak
Tracy Olan

Vicki Westgate

*As a KAC Board member, Mariah Horner abstained from all votes related to Resiliency round one grant results in accordance with the KAC’s Conflict of Interest procedures.