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Creating Inclusive Practices:

Relaxed Spaces & Access Notes

DATE: Wednesday, April 10, 11AM–1PM
LOCATION: Online via Zoom
PRESENTED BY: Kingston Arts Council, in collaboration with KEYS
REGISTER: Click here to register (FREE)!

In this two-hour online workshop facilitated by Erin Ball and Maxime Beauregard, we'll explore ways to make your events and organizational practices more accessible with a primary focus on access notes and relaxed spaces. Using these tools can help your organization and arts practice to create a more welcoming environment for the Disability community (including neurodivergent people), and strive to create a culture of consent. Participants will leave with both short and long-term practical applications that can be implemented within their organizations or practices to create a more inclusive environment.

This event is supported by KEYS via the Workplace Inclusion Charter (WIC). Following Erin and Maxime's presentation, KEYS staff will provide a brief introduction to the Workplace Inclusion Charter and demonstrate one of many services that can be accessed through this program. The WIC team at KEYS will lead participants through a short group exercise, in which we will analyse a job posting using an EDI lens. The goal of this event is to facilitate a discussion on inclusive practices vs. practices that create barriers for people from equity deserving groups.


Access Notes

The workshop will be presented in English. Visual material such as slides will be described. Auto-generated captions will be turned on. You are welcome to have your camera on or off and to take breaks as needed. We will also have a formal break halfway through the session. Stimming (self-regulatory movement), movement, and making noise is welcome. Everything is optional.

Please participate in a way that works for you. You will not be put on the spot, and we will strive to create space for everyone who would like to share.

We want you to be comfortable being yourself. If you have blankets, pillows, stim items, etc., that will make your experience better, please use them.

We will offer ASL interpretation at this workshop.

If you have any feedback or questions, please connect with Erin at erinball@keys.ca

For general inquiries, please contact the KAC Grants & Programs Coordinator, Violet Tang, at grants@artskingston.ca


About Erin and Maxime

A photo of Erin and Maxime during an aerial hoop performance. Erin is a white queer Disabled (double below knee amputee and neuro non-conforming) human with fiery red hair styled with bangs and two buns. Maxime is a white joyful trans and non-binary person with short ginger hair. Erin hangs upside-down from the top of the hoop, with zir body folded over it and both hands holding the hoop. Maxime stands on the ground, with both hands on the bottom of the hoop. Erin and Maxime look at each other joyfully.

Erin Ball (ze/zir) and Maxime Beauregard (they/them) are white, Queer, Neurodivergent, and Disabled artists who seek to shift barriers in the world of performance art.

Both Erin and Maxime work internationally as performers, coaches, choreographers, producers, accessibility consultants, and workshop facilitators. They are passionate advocates for Disability-led art, accessibility, and striving to create inclusive spaces. They are the creators of a course on Accessibility/Disability in Movement Practices. Erin is an inclusion coach with KEYS.

Erin and Maxime are catalysts for change, striving for inclusivity, accessibility, and representation within the arts. They strive to empower Disabled artists, challenge industry norms, and continue to pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse landscape while captivating audiences with their innovative performances.

About the Workplace Inclusion Charter

In April 2017, the City of Kingston endorsed a Workforce & In-migration Strategy for the community. A key priority identified in the strategy is the advancement of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. To implement the priority, a group of dedicated community members formed the Inclusive Workplaces working group. The Workplace Inclusion Charter is the result of their work. It aims to guide businesses in creating and upholding inclusive workplaces. The Workplace Inclusion Charter is designed for businesses and organizations of all sizes and at all stages of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.