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A white rectangular image with a pink and purple geometric design on the left side. On the right side is written "The Art of EDI" in purple, and below that is written "September 11, 10AM–1PM". Along the bottom from left to right are the logos of the Kingston Arts Council, Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, KEYS, Kingston & Area Association of Museums, Galleries and Historic Sites, and the ASL interpreter symbol.

The Art of EDI

DATE: Monday, September 11, 2023, 10AM–1PM
LOCATION: Malting Tower, Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning
PRESENTED BY: Kingston Arts Council x Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning x KEYS x Kingston & Area Association of Museums, Galleries & Historic Sites

The Art of EDI is a collaborative community event centred around principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. This event offers the arts community in Katarokwi/Kingston an important EDI-focused learning opportunity through a workshop, performances and Q&A.

The event will include a workshop on equity-focused hiring practices led by Natalia Martinelli-Luengo; relaxed performances and Q&A with Erin Ball, Maxime Beauregard, Mance Granberg St-Aubin, Theresa Upton, and Elizabeth Morris; and a casual networking opportunity.



- ASL interpretation
- Blind / low-vision friendly
- Relaxed environment
- Access table (stim toys, ear plugs, sunglasses, water, snacks, etc.)
- Attendees are asked to wear masks during performances


Image description: a close-up photo of Natalia, a white Hispanic woman in her 30’s with long, wavy brown hair, smiling, wearing a black sleeveless shirt.Natalia Martinelli-Luengo (she/they) is an Inclusion Advisor for KEYS’ Workplace Inclusion Charter Project. As a Venezuelan immigrant to Canada, a queer neurodivergent mother with an invisible disability, and as a service provider working with marginalized populations for more than two decades, Natalia is passionate about EDI, and about the benefits to all when we create a culture of belonging, where all strengths and unique gifts are celebrated. She is especially interested in the intersection of EDI and tech, particularly UX/UI design and AI. Natalia is also a yoga student/teacher, writer/editor, and avid amateur botanist and mycologist.

Image description: a close up photo of Erin, a white agender person with dyed red hair and bangs. Ze smiles.Erin Ball (ze/zir), a white neurodivergent double below knee amputee and demifemme, is an international circus artist, accessibility consultant, and workshop facilitator who strives to increase disability-led art and accessibility.



Maxime Beauregard (they/them) is white joyful autistic trans non-binary human. They are a Disabled performer and EDI workshop facilitator that strives to live radical access and take action via the Disability Justice principles. Maxime is a choreographer, producer, circus artist, contemporary dancer and drag artist.



Image description: a close up photo of Mance, an Indigenous 2 Spirit person with long hair who wears a slate beadwork medallion around their neck.Mance Granberg St-Aubin (they/them) is a two spirit Indigenous human. They perform traditional singing and drumming and are a visual artist under the name Aben Wliwni. Mance is a direct descendant of the St-Aubin from a Wolustugiyik community (Viger, Quebec). In 1869 many Wolustugiyik families had to live in other First Nation communities, Mance’s ancestors moved to wôlinak among the Abenaki. Mance identifies as a Wolustugey in honor of their St-Aubin family routed on the shore of the wolustuk river.

Image description: Theresa, a Deaf Acadian and Indigenous non-binary person, dressed as Adeline, her 1950s style character, wears a bandana on her head, red lipstick, and smiles.Theresa Upton (she/her) was born Deaf from birth. She was the sole deaf member in her family, with Acadian and Indigenous (Mi’kmaq) heritage—a multi-talented performer and artist. Her diverse background enriches her artistic expression and brings to life a character that transports audiences back to the 1950s lifestyle while reflecting on the present day. Her performances encompass a wide range of artistic expressions, including ASL storytelling, ASL poetry, translated ASL songs, acting, playwriting, and visual arts such as photography, graphic design, puppetry, and costume design. Theresa’s creativity knows no bounds.

Image description: Elizabeth, a white woman and Deaf signing actor, is dressed as Lucile Ball from I Love Lucy.Elizabeth Morris is a professional Deaf actor, fluently in American Sign Language. She was born in England. She lived in England, Japan, USA, and Canada. Currently, she is living in Kingston. She was trained and performed with two Deaf tour theatres; National Theatre of the Deaf and Quest for Arts (Hartford, Connecticut & Washington, D.C.). Plus, she performed at Gallaudet University’s theatre productions, where she received her BA in Education Drama and Elementary Education (Washington, D.C.). In Canada, Elizabeth performed at the Stratford Festival as their very first Deaf signing actor. Also, she performed at the Young People’s Theatre, Theatre Passe Muraille, and Shakespeare Link Canada (Toronto, Ontario), National Arts Centre (Ottawa, Ontario), Concrete Theatre and Citadel Theatre (Edmonton, Alberta). She is an Actor, Deaf Interpreter for the theatres’ productions, ASL coach, and Deaf Community Consultant/Inclusive Designer in theatre and films (MDes in Inclusive Design, OCAD University, Toronto). She is also a co-founder of the Deaf Spirit Theatre company (Kingston, Ontario).

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