05 Mar, 2024

Access Support Fund

05 Mar, 2024

Access Support funds individual applicants who self-identify as Deaf, having disabilities or living with mental illness, as well as groups and organizations that dedicate the majority of their resources towards supporting these communities. This supplementary grant provides a contribution towards costs for specific services and supports required to carry out a project funded through a Canada Council program (from this point on referred to as the associated grant).

Access Support responds to the financial disadvantages that many Deaf or disabled artists routinely experience in creating, producing and disseminating art.  Funds are available as a supplement to an awarded grant and provided to recipients who identify specific disability-related supports that are needed to carry out their proposed activities. The supplement may not cover all of these costs but may be a contribution towards these types of expenses. Access support must be linked directly to the project activities; it does not fund daily living expenses

You are encouraged to speak with the program responsible for your associated grant application before submitting an application for Access Support.

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Artistic Discipline: All
Grant Type: Support
Funder: Canada Council for the Arts
Applicant Type: Artist/Individual Non-Profit Organization
Status: Active