23 Apr, 2024

Digital Generator: Stream 1

23 Apr, 2024

Digital Generator is a short-term initiative to support Canadian arts groups, collectives, and organizations to build their digital capacity and transform their business model and operations.

A digital approach can transform the way you operate and offers the opportunity to:

  • deepen your relationship with your public and engage new audiences and markets
  • collect and analyse data to gain insights into your public and understand your impact
  • improve specific areas of business with digital technology to lower costs and increase efficiency
  • generate new revenue streams
  • collaborate and connect with others
  • build new partnerships and networks to improve digital capacity
  • transform your business model for long-term sustainability.

Stream 1 provides support to:

  • measure the digital readiness of your group or organization (for example digital maturity assessment)
  • identify the digital gaps and possibilities for your group or organization (for example digital needs assessment, digital security assessment, technical audit)
  • create a plan for leveraging digital opportunities (for example digital strategic plan, discoverability plan, business model redesign)
  • create a plan for increasing the digital public accessibility of your group or organization and work (for example digital accessibility audit, plan for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines [WCAG] compliance)
  • increase the digital skills of your staff (e.g. workshops, training)
  • conduct research or undertake planning for the creation and governance of shared digital resources (for example consultation, business model design, governance plan).

This grant’s deadline has passed. 

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Artistic Discipline: All
Grant Type: Support
Funder: Canada Council for the Arts
Applicant Type: Ad Hoc/Collective/Group Non-Profit Organization
Status: Currently Inactive