23 Apr, 2024

Digital Generator: Stream 2

23 Apr, 2024
Closing on: Sep 1, 2024

Digital Generator is a short-term initiative to support Canadian arts groups, collectives, and organizations to build their digital capacity and transform their business model and operations.

A digital approach can transform the way you operate and offers the opportunity to:

  • deepen your relationship with your public and engage new audiences and markets
  • collect and analyse data to gain insights into your public and understand your impact
  • improve specific areas of business with digital technology to lower costs and increase efficiency
  • generate new revenue streams
  • collaborate and connect with others
  • build new partnerships and networks to improve digital capacity
  • transform your business model for long-term sustainability.

Digital Generator supports digital capacity building for Canadian arts groups and organizations. This initiative offers 2 streams.

Stream 2 provides support to:

  • implement recommendations resulting from a digital assessment, audit or plan that are designed to transform your operations and increase the digital capacity of your group or organization
  • implement and develop shared digital resources that benefit more than one group or organization.

To be eligible for Stream 2, you must provide a copy of a completed digital assessment, audit or plan with recommendations designed to transform your operations and increase your digital capacity. This document must have been completed with the support of appropriate external expertise. If you do not have a completed digital assessment, audit or plan, consider applying to Stream 1.

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Artistic Discipline: All
Grant Type: Support
Funder: Canada Council for the Arts
Applicant Type: Ad Hoc/Collective/Group Non-Profit Organization
Status: Active