05 Apr, 2024

IDM Fund: Discoverability and Commercialization Program

05 Apr, 2024
Closing on: Dec 18, 2024

The Ontario Creates Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Fund is aimed at strengthening and stimulating economic growth in the interactive digital media sector. These guidelines outline the IDM Fund Discoverability and Commercialization program, designed to increase the visibility and financial viability of projects that receive Production support through the IDM Fund.

The Discoverability and Commercialization program is open to IDM Fund Production recipients for activities that take place during and/or after a product is made publicly available to an audience (Public Launch, see page 2 of Guidelines for details).  Activities must commence within 18 months of Public Launch and conclude within one year of notification of a successful application.

In assessing the proposed activities, Ontario Creates will take into account the extent to which they drive engagement, increase product reach and facilitate revenue generation. Funding is limited. Applications are evaluated on an ongoing basis as they are submitted. The priority is to support activities that have clear and measurable results projections with a plan to achieve these goals.

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Artistic Discipline: Digital arts
Grant Type: Support
Funder: Ontario Creates
Applicant Type: Company
Status: Active